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Review – HexArmor ColdRush Du Rag Cooling Cloth (by Tim Wiggins)

Coldrush Cooling Du Rag
ColdRush Cooling Du Rag

The HexArmor ColdRush Du Rag Cooling Clothing is a neat solution, which helps to rapidly cool down your head and neck – one of the greatest areas of blood flow in the body. Although it is not a cycling specific product, this kind of cloth has been used by many sports teams in search of marginal recovery gains.To use it, you simply soak it in water; then wear it for up to 1 hour, to significantly aid the cooling process. The Garmatex fabric is designed to wick away sweat and moisture from your brow, head and neck, and provide a notable cooling effect. It is a really simple product, but it works. I was certainly grateful for it to wear in the heat of the Italian Dolomites.Source: Review – HexArmor ColdRush Du Rag Cooling Cloth

Now available in the UK from Fortress Distribution Ltd.


Fortress Distribution roar with success in the Lions’ Lair with YULEYS® reusable overshoes

This year’s Health and Safety Event at the NEC saw 16 finalists pitch their latest innovative products, services and concepts to a panel of industry experts and a live audience in a brand new ‘Lions’ Lair’.

Designed to encourage innovation in health and safety technology the ‘Lions’ Lair’ also allowed visitors to see the latest in cutting edge products and services. Fortress Distribution made the short list of 16 innovators with their reusable overshoe – YULEYS®.

Lions' Lair highly commended trophy
Lions’ Lair highly commended trophy

“‘The Lions’ Lair’ has been designed to encourage innovation but also to allow visitors to witness innovative products, services and concepts being pitched in a fun and interactive environment. The level of entries this year was exceptional and settling on a list of 16 finalists was a huge challenge.” Tim Else, Events Director.

Stepping into their pitch on 23 March, Fortress Distribution faced a tough panel of judges but showcasing the unique and innovative YULEYS® reusable overshoe saw Fortress Distribution tame the lions in no time and roar into the final.

Designed to fit conveniently and quickly over safety footwear, the YULEYS® slip on / slip off safety footwear protector is said to enable construction workers, tradesmen and delivery drivers to enter clean environments without the need to remove their dirty footwear.

Described as an environmentally friendly and cost conscious alternative to traditional disposable shoe covers, YULEYS® can easily be cleaned with warm water for years of use. The footwear is a seamless one-piece shoe cover made of flexible industrial grade SEBS rubber or TPR and comes in a variety of sizes to fit the majority of work shoes and boots. Featuring a non-slip grip, YULEYS® allow users to proceed with their work without removing safety footwear and without the risk of slipping in a paper, plastic, or nylon shoe cover.

Although YULEYS® overshoes were not crowned the overall winner they were highly commended, receiving their award from renowned ex-England rugby international Rory Underwood.

Alan Matthews, Director at Fortress Distribution, “We were delighted to be short listed to enter the ‘Lions’ Lair.’ YULEYS® reusable overshoes are a fantastic product and provide a health and safety solution in many industries. It was fantastic to tame the Lions and go through to the final and we are thrilled to receive a highly commended award from the judges.”

Hats off to Fortress Distribution as they support Brain Tumour Research ‘Wear a Hat Day’ at the Health and Safety Event

Fortress Distribution is delighted to be able to support the Brain Tumour Research charity’s annual ‘Wear A Hat day 2016’ which is the premier brain tumour awareness event in the UK, helping to support long-term, life-saving research to move ever closer to a cure.

This year, the fun day aimed at encouraging everyone to wear a hat, falls on 24th March during the Health and Safety Event at Birmingham’s NEC. With the Brain Tumour Research charity selling a number of different pin badges to promote the day, Fortress Distribution spotted a hard hat pin badge that aptly fits in with this key industry health and safety event.

“Supporting charities is a key part of our corporate values, comments Jenny Matthews, Director at Fortress Distribution. We noticed that Brain Tumour Research have a hard hat pin badge for ‘Wear A Hat Day 2016’ and as it coincides with the Health and Safety Event we wanted to look at ways we could get involved.”

Wear A Hat Day 2016
Wear A Hat Day 2016

Having made a donation to the vital work of the Brain Tumour Research charity, Fortress Distribution will be handing out ‘hard hat’ pin badges at the Health and Safety to promote awareness of this worthwhile cause. Visit Fortress Distribution on Stand A20 for your pin badge and join in the promotion of the invaluable work by this organisation.

Fortress Distribution will be exhibiting their full product offering of personal protection equipment and visitors will find latest product news and samples on their Stand A20.

Fortress Distribution is a wholesale distribution business specialising in selling innovative personal protection equipment from US brands on an exclusive basis in the UK. It currently has Black Mamba Gloves and Yuleys reusable overshoes in its range.

If you would like to find out more information about the Brain Tumour Research charity, please visit or call 01908 867200.

For further information of Fortress Distribution and its product range visit or call 01908 676869.

Fortress Distribution teams up with the Steve Joughin Cycle Academy and turns its hand to helping rising stars

Fortress Distribution is proud to be supporting the newly formed Steve Joughin Academy, a youth cycle team for rising stars of the future.

The Academy, founded by Steve Joughin an ex pro cyclist and founder of Pro Vision Clothing aims to help four young riders realise their dreams and prepare them for a successful journey through their cycling life. These young riders will be competing on a National and European level where funding from Fortress Distribution will be used to support their training and travel schedule.

Steve Joughin Cycle Academy TeamThe cycle industry is not new to health and safety product distributor Fortress Distribution with one of its main product lines, the Black Mamba Nitrile Glove selling into the cycle maintenance and repair industry for a number of years. The gloves are widely used by both professional mechanics and keen cyclists and will now also be used by team mechanics for the academy.

Jenny Matthews, Fortress Distribution, “We are delighted to be able to support the work of the Steve Joughin Cycle Academy. It’s fantastic to see these young riders coming up through the ranks and we’re excited to see how they will perform in the coming race season. Fortress Distribution values its corporate and social responsibility and is always looking at ways in which it can give something back to the community either through charitable donations or supporting youth sports development.”

Steve Joughin, “I know from experience that the hardest part of making your way in cycling is funding so I am really pleased to help young riders make their way in the cycling world. The support from Fortress Distribution will be invaluable to helping these promising lads. Together, if we can help them fulfil their ambitions we will be happy.”

Fortress Distribution is a wholesale distribution business specialising in selling innovative personal protection equipment from US brands on an exclusive basis in the UK. It currently has Black Mamba Gloves and Yuleys reusable overshoes in its range.

If you would like to find out more information about the Steve Joughin Academy and please visit or call 01782 845 646.

For further information of Fortress Distribution and its product range visit or call 01908 676869.

Black Mamba Gloves ride into Staffordshire Cycling Festival

For the third year running (or should that be cycling), Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves have had a hand in the Staffordshire Festival of Cycling. You could be forgiven for wondering what on earth nitrile gloves have got to do with cycling. But the keen and avid lycra clad cyclists who watched and took part in this festival will know the value of handy pair of Black Mamba Gloves when roadside breakdowns occur or your bike needs a touch of TLC post ride. And whilst the priority of any cyclist crossing the finish line of a sportive is to dig down into their goody bag for much needed refreshment, the inclusion of Black Mamba Gloves was a welcome gift for tackling bike cleaning later!

Black Mamba Gloves
Handy pack of Black Mamba Gloves for all sportive riders.
Black Mamba Gloves banner at the Stafford Grand Prix

But it wasn’t just the wannabe pro’s that had a chance to test out their cycle maintenance skills using this extremely tough and durable glove. New onto the cycle scene this season, professional racing team One Pro Cycling ensured their bikes were maintained in tip top race condition by lead mechanic Keith Hicks a user of Black Mamba Gloves. And with their rider Jon Mould taking a solo victory in the Stafford Grand Prix, it was clear both he and his bike were performing at the highest level. Well done Jon Mould and Team One Pro Cycling!

As the UK’s exclusive distributor of Black Mamba gloves, Fortress Distribution Ltd, along with their cycling distributor 2pure have successfully positioned the glove as the toughest workshop glove in the market. The Black Mamba Nitrile Glove is selling exceptionally well into the cycle market in the UK and is widely used by both professional cycle mechanics and avid enthusiasts. For further information contact or 01908 676869.

The Staffordshire Festival of Cycling was held over the weekend 3-4th July 2015 and included pro races from the British Cycling Elite Circuit Series as well as sportive and family events.

Personal Protection Equipment: it’s no fancy dress rehearsal.

Some of our colleagues recently went to a fancy dress party which got me thinking about all the ways in which people dress up for a variety of different purposes and applications. Many of these ways, as our colleagues enjoyed below, are for fun, to have a laugh and a joke!

Fancy dress outfits
Colleagues getting all fancy with their outfits for a party. But there’s no time for a dress rehearsal when it come to Personal Protection Equipment.

But when it comes to personal protection equipment, there is no joking around and it certainly isn’t a laughing matter. There can be no fancy dress rehearsal with PPE so it’s important, vital in fact, to wear the right equipment for the right application first time around. Mistakes in choosing incorrect health and safety work wear can be devastating.

The seriousness of health and safety in the workplace is increasingly pushing the boundaries and requirements of PPE. Improved materials, new technology, innovative designs are all things that the health and safety industry is continually seeking when it comes to work wear and PPE.

Here at Fortress Distribution we are passionate about bringing you the best when it comes to PPE. We choose innovative products with unique benefits that will help you in the jobs that you are doing. Our mission is to deliver ultimate protection for workers in tough jobs. Take a look at our videos on Yuleys reusable overshoes and Black Mamba Gloves.

Yuleys Reusable, Hands Free Overshoes

Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves

If we can help you or your business with your safety workwear or PPE requirements please do get in touch, 01908 676869

Stay safe and protected,