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Review – HexArmor ColdRush Du Rag Cooling Cloth (by Tim Wiggins)

Coldrush Cooling Du Rag
ColdRush Cooling Du Rag

The HexArmor ColdRush Du Rag Cooling Clothing is a neat solution, which helps to rapidly cool down your head and neck – one of the greatest areas of blood flow in the body. Although it is not a cycling specific product, this kind of cloth has been used by many sports teams in search of marginal recovery gains.To use it, you simply soak it in water; then wear it for up to 1 hour, to significantly aid the cooling process. The Garmatex fabric is designed to wick away sweat and moisture from your brow, head and neck, and provide a notable cooling effect. It is a really simple product, but it works. I was certainly grateful for it to wear in the heat of the Italian Dolomites.Source: Review – HexArmor ColdRush Du Rag Cooling Cloth

Now available in the UK from Fortress Distribution Ltd.