Black Mamba Gloves ride into Staffordshire Cycling Festival

For the third year running (or should that be cycling), Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves have had a hand in the Staffordshire Festival of Cycling. You could be forgiven for wondering what on earth nitrile gloves have got to do with cycling. But the keen and avid lycra clad cyclists who watched and took part in this festival will know the value of handy pair of Black Mamba Gloves when roadside breakdowns occur or your bike needs a touch of TLC post ride. And whilst the priority of any cyclist crossing the finish line of a sportive is to dig down into their goody bag for much needed refreshment, the inclusion of Black Mamba Gloves was a welcome gift for tackling bike cleaning later!

Black Mamba Gloves
Handy pack of Black Mamba Gloves for all sportive riders.
Black Mamba Gloves banner at the Stafford Grand Prix

But it wasn’t just the wannabe pro’s that had a chance to test out their cycle maintenance skills using this extremely tough and durable glove. New onto the cycle scene this season, professional racing team One Pro Cycling ensured their bikes were maintained in tip top race condition by lead mechanic Keith Hicks a user of Black Mamba Gloves. And with their rider Jon Mould taking a solo victory in the Stafford Grand Prix, it was clear both he and his bike were performing at the highest level. Well done Jon Mould and Team One Pro Cycling!

As the UK’s exclusive distributor of Black Mamba gloves, Fortress Distribution Ltd, along with their cycling distributor 2pure have successfully positioned the glove as the toughest workshop glove in the market. The Black Mamba Nitrile Glove is selling exceptionally well into the cycle market in the UK and is widely used by both professional cycle mechanics and avid enthusiasts. For further information contact or 01908 676869.

The Staffordshire Festival of Cycling was held over the weekend 3-4th July 2015 and included pro races from the British Cycling Elite Circuit Series as well as sportive and family events.


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