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Personal Protection Equipment: it’s no fancy dress rehearsal.

Some of our colleagues recently went to a fancy dress party which got me thinking about all the ways in which people dress up for a variety of different purposes and applications. Many of these ways, as our colleagues enjoyed below, are for fun, to have a laugh and a joke!

Fancy dress outfits
Colleagues getting all fancy with their outfits for a party. But there’s no time for a dress rehearsal when it come to Personal Protection Equipment.

But when it comes to personal protection equipment, there is no joking around and it certainly isn’t a laughing matter. There can be no fancy dress rehearsal with PPE so it’s important, vital in fact, to wear the right equipment for the right application first time around. Mistakes in choosing incorrect health and safety work wear can be devastating.

The seriousness of health and safety in the workplace is increasingly pushing the boundaries and requirements of PPE. Improved materials, new technology, innovative designs are all things that the health and safety industry is continually seeking when it comes to work wear and PPE.

Here at Fortress Distribution we are passionate about bringing you the best when it comes to PPE. We choose innovative products with unique benefits that will help you in the jobs that you are doing. Our mission is to deliver ultimate protection for workers in tough jobs. Take a look at our videos on Yuleys reusable overshoes and Black Mamba Gloves.

Yuleys Reusable, Hands Free Overshoes

Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves

If we can help you or your business with your safety workwear or PPE requirements please do get in touch, 01908 676869

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